Dr. Paul Zak: Professor of Neuroeconomics at CGU

This episode of Talent Talk features Dr. Paul Zak, professor of Neuroeconomics at CGU.  Dr. Zak is the author of"The Moral Molecule" and even recently made a guest appearance as Dr. Love on this season's The Bachelor.

I instantly clicked with Dr. Zak and loved everything about this interview!  I found myself spellbound listening about his upbringing, current projects, and perspective on life. 

From having a mother who had been a Catholic nun, to doing consulting work with Zappos, to discussing the qualities that have enabledhis success, Dr. Zak is full of stories and wisdom.  We discuss his groundbreaking research on oxytocin, his formula for organizational flourishing, and his upcoming book.  I especially loved his perspective on being curious, humble, asking questions, and living a life of service.

Don't miss out on this insightful and entertaining episode!

Happy Listening!
Your Host, Jocelyn Courtney