The business insights aspect of the lab strives to prepare our members for practitioner work in the field of talent management. Guided by lab managers Sevelyn VanRonk and Christina Putrov, the business insights portion is further broken down into four groups: Talent Talks, Talent Briefs, Talent Workouts, and Talent Trends.



  • Talent Talks are led by Positive Organizational Psychology/Evaluation student, Sevelyn VanRonk, and seek to capture talent in action by interviewing leading experts on the application of strengths at work.


  • Talent Briefs They are 10-minute reads centering on actionable insights on attracting, developing, and engaging talent. Similar to an empirically-backed blog post, Briefs discuss strength spotting and career development.


  • Talent Workouts are an exciting partnership with leaders in talent management. Led by Sevelyn VanRonk, specialists and organizations in talent management, such as Michael Campbell and the Center for Creative Leadership, collaborate with our lab on innovative projects and discuss trends in strengths-based management.


  • Talent Trends is the pulse of our lab! Led by Somi Aggarwal, it is our biweekly newsletter featuring evidence-based blog posts revolving around leadership, positive psychology, and organizational effectiveness. Past articles have examined topics such as finding meaning at work and persuasion as a process. Sign up today!